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A little bit about Us............



The main inspiration behind Mollydolly’s is someone who has not only humbled me,  but has truly and utterly inspired me.  My daughter Molly, my hero, was born with Downs Syndrome, and like most other little girls loved dressing up and feeling like a princess, when she wasn't wanting to be a pirate or a rock star!  Finding dresses always came with its own difficulties, extra thought and time had to be taken to ensure I got dresses which would not only fit her own unique style but also her build, it was really important to get it right for Molly.


Molly, a happy, very funny, lively girl with a zest for life, faced many hurdles both mentally and physically.  However,  she had this amazing, unique ability to reach out to all whom she met.  People often say to me how lucky and what a privilege it was for them,  to have met Molly.  They, and everyone else has been left with a tiny handprint of Molly in their hearts, forever. An achievement I think, that not many are able to do in such a short space of time. 


In June 2010,  just a couple of months away from her 8th Birthday, Molly was faced with her toughest battle yet, when she was diagnosed with ALL Leukeamia.  Of course in true Molly style, she took it all in her stride and fought the disease into remission very quickly. 


Throughout the very difficult, tough times and even when the treatment made her feel so poorly, she continued to stay strong and so very brave, her love of life always shone through, leaving people astounded by her determination.   Molly even found the energy at a point when she was feeling so very sick, to make a beautiful "Pink Princess Bride" for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's engagment announcement, which earned her a letter from the Palace saying thank you.  Molly continued to play ‘dress up’ even from her hospital bed, which definitely helped make the bad days a bit better, along with entertaining her new found friends in the beds next to her.  Most importantly though, it made her  feel like a special princess, something every girl dreams and loves to be.


Six months into her two year treatment Molly caught an infection, while in hospital,  to you and I, the common cold, but she was immune surpressed, and so it was life threatening for her.  She tried and tried to fight it off, she just could not, and on New Years Eve,  Molly fell asleep for the last time. 


The huge void that Molly has left in my life, has given me the determination to make a success of something that is a happy, wonderful occasion and close to Molly’s heart – dresses, and not just any old dresses, but beautiful, stunning wedding dresses. 


A busy mum to 3 other boys, a 21,  10 and the 7 year old! I  had the exciting opportunity in 2015 to expand the business to new, bigger premises, which enables me to keep Molly’s memory alive, continuing to share my awesome daughter’s story, through our equal love of uniqueness, fashion and dresses!!  I have had previous experience working in fashion retail and in more recent times I’ve had the opportunity to work within the wedding industry.


Inspired by Molly's unique taste and one off measurements I feel I understand more than most,  the importance of finding “THE” dress, and so this is where Mollydolly’s began and was born in 2014.


Along with the ever changing beautiful collection of  our "Ready to Go" wedding dresses, we are stockists for White Rose Bridal, Phoenix Gowns, Danielle Couture, Envy by Phoenix, Tiffany Bridal and Etoile.


We also have a selection of beautiful flower girl dresses, along with a vast collection of Veils, Jackets, Hairpieces & Shoes, along with a dressing and steaming service, for more details on any of these please contact us.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, please enjoy our website and I very much look forward to meeting you at your exclusive appointment.

Making Dress Dreams Come True


Sally x






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