New Year, New Dresses

Well, where did Christmas and January go.....I actually cannot believe I am sitting here finally getting the chance to do a blog and the date is 5th February 2017! It has been MEGA busy at Mollydollys. Of course I am not complaining, but things like this, my blog, is having to take a bit of a back seat on the "things to do list"

January saw the taking on of a new member of staff, Laura, who is officially Mollydollys "Saturday" person and she has been a complete god send. Along with regularly having a clean boutique from top to bottom, we have also managed to have a little move around putting all of my Collection dresses on one rail, with different coloured hangers, which has helped make it clear what is off the rail and what can be ordered in. Having said that, during the month of January I had the excitement of 12 brand new Collection dresses coming from the fabulous LouLou, Verise and Bianco Evento, who are a new label joining our beautiful collection. Bianco Event are at a much more affordable price for brides on a budget, but certainly will not be comprising on quality, Bianco Evento dresses are just simple stunning. This however, has meant that space has now become a bit of an issue, and so, sad as it is, the culling of dresses that are just not selling has began.

February is set to be just as busy as January, with appointments filling most of the weekends and the week days being taken, I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2017 is the year that Mollydollys really does shine, my eye for style and quality, and with my gowns being at justified pricing, and realistically affordable, I believe that word is getting out there pushing us in the right direction.


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