Preloved to Reloved

I am quite fussy when it comes to spending my cash on dresses for Mollydollys, sometimes what I see in a photo doesn't always turn up looking quite the same, the dress below was one of them this time last year. You might look at it at first glance and think, that looks ok, but if you look closer you can see the utterly bad workmanship of the seamstress. Straight away the bust has been sewn together from the inside, the lace at the top of the dress didnt match and the sewing was shocking, the hem was severely for the belt.....well it was a cheap and nasty piece of fabric with gems on it and it went upwards around the back of the dress. I took this off immediately and have used it since to decorate my fake bouquets in the shop, it was certainly not good enough for a dress!

Seeing the beauty of the actual dress, I took it to the talented Amanda and we discussed what we could do to make it good again.

The next 3 photos show where Amanda stripped it back taking out the shocking stitching on the bust and the awful "lace top".........

I went on to sell this dress in this current condition.

My lovely bride got married this February in Mexico and here is the finished dress, she loves it so much, she is going to keep it to wear again at her wedding vow renewal.

Sometimes you just need to think a little outside the box, I love that we were able to "RELOVE" this dress x



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