Dress You Up

I met Kerrie and her mum a year ago when she came to Mollydollys whilst I was still based at home. I had offered at the time to steam her dress just before the wedding, due to the type of satin, it creased really easily ( at this point I hadn't quite got round to investing in a steamer back then!) so when they also asked me to dress her, of course it was going to be a yes (and a quiet screaming inside saying OMG I need a steamer!)

I only normally get the excitement and secrecy of knowing the bride's choice of dress at the time she buys from me, so its really lovely when I am asked to dress the bride, to be become a tiny part of her actual wedding day and to see the end result, in all her finery with her wedding party. I was left welling up as she went downstairs to her mum and dad, hearing all their gasps and choked words, made me think of what I am not going to get to see or do with my little girl, but I guess doing this comes a close 2nd best. Mollydollys really has been a saviour, I love it with a passion. When that passion goes, I know thats when I need to hang up the dresses for good, hopefully this is something that will never happen, or at least when I am rich enough to be able to sell it on ;-) As I was leaving, I caught a quick glimpse of the the horse and carriage that was a surprise for my bride, what a wonderful day it was for her xx

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