Dresses and more Dresses

Another end to what has been a busy week for Mollydollys. I love receiving parcels, and this week I had two dress deliveries. Not knowing what dresses I would find in the boxes, made it all the more exciting and I rushed to get them open. On Wednesday Loulou Dress number 4 - Darla, arrived, even more stunning than I had remembered when I ordered her. I did forget that she was coming in a 36" length rather than full length, but she is still beautiful regardless.

Today, I received my one of my sample dresses Josephine from Verise Bridal. I had been informed that delivery was due in May, so this was a bonus to get her early. With my curvier brides in mind, I ordered a size 20 and she truly is beautiful - I cannot wait for my brides to try her on.